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Meet Mirror

Your one-touch information and health tracker through the looking glass

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Beauty Mirror. More than skin deep.

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  • Design

    A fine touch to any space within well-designed home.

  • Premium Material

    A harmony of sheer brilliance, outstanding aesthetic & sustainability.

  • Tech

    A smarter way to incorporate your household necessities with technology.

Mirror, by Frednology

The world's first luxury smart mirror.


Mirror X
  • Know

    Stay sharp with real-time updates from your preferred news channels

  • Hear

    Bask in your favourite tunes through our state-of-the-art sound system

  • Protect

    Inhale only the purest air, compliments of the advanced air purifying technology embedded.
    Eliminating germs and creating fresher air while deodorizing the surroundings

  • See

    Miss no reflections - Mirror stays clear as ever regardless of how much mist you conjure from your bath


Beauty Mirror. More than skin deep.


Allure Series Edition 2
  • See

    Let no colours fool you. Come closer and see yourself in perfect natural light 24/7 with LumièreMax®.

  • Touch

    Feel the exceptional quality of premium material that effortlessly complements any lifestyle.

  • Smart

    Preloaded with essential apps that we know you’ll always need.

  • Curves

    Inspired by the shape of a wedding gown and available only in Rose Gold, meet your first beauty bff - Allure.

  • Nano Mist

    Nano Mist Spray utilises nanotechnology to convert water into mist of nanoscale that moisturises your skin. This means goodbye to dry skin and hello to youthful skin. Now you can feel refreshed on the go.

    Nano Mist Spray also helps to open the pores and stimulate skin cells. This helps to loosen dirt and bacteria, giving you that smooth face that every girl wants.

  • Silicone Facial Brush

    The Wireless Charging Silicone Facial Brush is a revolutionary silicone facial cleansing tool that features T-Sonic pulsations and eight adjustable intensities for a fully customizable cleansing experience. 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations deliver the unique ability to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil, as well as makeup residue and dead skin cells, while gently exfoliating without irritating the skin. This compact 3-zone brush is optimized for all skin types and targeted cleansing. Just one minute twice a day gives you a clearer, healthier, more even complexion.

  • IPL Hair Removal

    Frednology's brand new technology offers hair regrowth prevention in a cordless solution for body and face. With an intense pulsed light that is derived from professional salons and developed with dermatologists, this specially curved tool which follows your contours with ease, features IPL technology that will change the way you handle hair removal - now finished in a beautiful rose-gold.

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