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Meet Mirror

Your one-touch information and health tracker through the looking glass

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Beauty Mirror. More than skin deep.

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  • Design

    A fine touch to any space within well-designed home.

  • Premium Material

    A harmony of sheer brilliance, outstanding aesthetic & sustainability.

  • Tech

    A smarter way to incorporate your household necessities with technology.

Mirror, by Frednology

The world's first luxury smart mirror.


  • Know

    Stay sharp with real-time updates from your preferred news channels

  • Hear

    Bask in your favourite tunes through our state-of-the-art sound system

  • Protect

    Inhale only the purest air, compliments of the advanced air purifying technology embedded.
    Eliminating germs and creating fresher air while deodorizing the surroundings

  • See

    Miss no reflections - Mirror stays clear as ever regardless of how much mist you conjure from your bath


Beauty Mirror. More than skin deep.


  • See

    Let no colours fool you. Come closer and see yourself in perfect natural light 24/7 with LumièreMax®.

  • Touch

    Feel the exceptional quality of premium material that effortlessly complements any lifestyle.

  • Smart

    Preloaded with essential apps that we know you’ll always need.

  • Curves

    Inspired by the shape of a wedding gown and available only in Rose Gold, meet your first beauty bff - Allure.

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