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Mirror, Mirror: Smart Technology in the Beauty Industry

Smart Makeup Mirror Technology - Frednology

From smart hair brushes to AI-powered skincare apps, the technological revolution has truly arrived in the beauty industry. Makeup artists and users the world over are blending tech into their work and daily regimen. One trend that is setting the industry abuzz is a smart upgrade of one of the industry’s mainstaysthe mirror.

A smart makeup mirror is more than an accessory. Mixed with technology on the leading edge of The Internet of Things, smart makeup mirrors are your one-stop hubs for everything on beauty. It can help you relax, stay connected, and most importantly, help your makeup stay on fleek, from primer to highlighter.

Here are five reasons why you should consider giving your old vanity mirror a smart makeover:

Lighting that rivals high-end salons

The best smart mirrors make you look like you’re bathed in sunlight, even with the curtains drawn. Natural lighting is the best for makeup application, because it allows you to apply just the right amount of product and not overcompensate for dim or bright lighting. Applied under natural light, your makeup will look good outside as well as in the warm glow of your home lighting.

Combining Make Up Kit and Smart Mirror - Frednology

Lighting on vanity mirrors need to register high on the color rendering index (CRI). The index defines how close a light source is to approximating the color of daylight. The industry average for a good bulb is 85 CRI.

For makeup artists and enthusiasts, a high CRI is a must. "We realized that women, when they apply makeup, always go near the windows because they want natural sunlight," said Fred's founder Jonathan Yuan in an interview with Straits Times. Allure, Fred’s own smart makeup mirror, comes equipped with LumiereMax lighting, which registers at an above average 96 CRI.

A learning resource on the go

In the beauty industry, few carry as much influence as vloggers and YouTubers. Xiaxue, one of Singapore’s foremost beauty bloggers, attracts an average of 100,000 views on each of her makeup videos. Pro makeup artist Roseanne Tang broke a million views on one of her product review videos. Even brands acknowledge and leverage the power of these influencers. Garnier and Maybelline have both worked with influencers for sponsored reviews.

But for all the beauty content we consume, our watching habits don’t necessarily align with the actual task of putting on makeup. We often switch through a myriad of devicessometimes hopping between tablet, smartphone, and desktop for a single search query.

The habit can prove cumbersome when you’re applying your makeup, because both of your hands are often busy. A smart makeup mirror provides a convenient, hands-free experience that lets you follow your favorite YouTuber, step-by-step, easily.

The best tried and tested routines, a click away

Social media is deeply rooted in the beauty industry. People reach out to brands on Facebook to book in-store appointments, consult friends for beauty tips, and use social media platforms to showcase and promote self-image positivity and confidence.

Consumers also rely heavily on social media and their smartphones to inform their buying decisions, even though most makeup purchases still happen in-store instead of online. Women particularly tend to log onto Instagram for beauty inspiration and new products. Nearly half of all beauty consumers say their smartphones are invaluable tools for shopping.

With a smart makeup mirror, beauty consumers can easily pull up peer reviews from social media, have a direct line to brands for product inquiries, and chat up friends for advice before heading out the door.

Beauty apps: Tech and beauty, the best of both worlds

Smart mirrors leverage the latest in tech to optimize your beauty regimen. Augmented reality, for instance, is helpful for makeup artists and enthusiasts, and beauty brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline are already meeting the demand with their own virtual try-on apps.

Allure Smart Mirror Makeup Reflection - Frednology

Digital trial apps can save you money, product, and time. Sephora’s Virtual Artist lets you mix and match eyeliners, eye shadows, lip gloss, and lipsticks, allowing you to try on looks before putting them on. The feature is important in an industry where a single eyeliner can cost you S$44. And these apps aren’t just gimmicky flashes in the pan. Bridget Dolan, vice president at Sephora’s Sephora Innovation Labs, says her team dedicated years to polishing app performance. “We weren’t interested in just buzzy. A lot of things like technical accuracy and timing had to come together,” says Dolan in an interview with Glossy.

Apps also enable creativity. Users can be as experimental or as crazy as they want to be. With augmented reality, you can experiment to your heart’s content, without stressing your skin out, or wasting product! Beauty apps like Sephora’s are also an easy way to shop for new products without clicking through endless pages on a website.

Turns getting ready into a relaxing, rewarding experience

For women who wear makeup, putting together their look has become an integral, familiar part of their daily routine. Some even feel relaxed just by watching makeup application videos.

A smart mirror enhances the experience by playing your favorite music to get you pumped and in the right mental space to face the day, so you not only end up looking good, but feeling good as you contour your face for the gods. Music also helps makeup artists with creativity. “Those who have work with me know how particular I am about lighting and how it is mandatory for me to play some music when I work,” shares makeup artist Vera from Lovebrush.

Fred’s smart makeup mirror Allure brings all the perks of a professional makeup studiothe lighting, the freedom to try on different looks, and expert adviceinto the comfort of your own room, or wherever you are. At 31.5cm by 23.2cm and weighing in at a little less than two kilograms, Allure is compact and portable, perfect for the makeup artist on the go.

The Allure retails for $399.99 USD, a price tag that may be too much for some, especially since quality makeup products already cost a pretty penny. That’s why we at Fred offer an Allure smart makeup mirror installment plan, because looking good shouldn’t break the bank.

Smart Mirror For Sale: The Allure, or The Mirror?

Smart Mirror For Sale: The Allure, or The Mirror?

We are a connected generation. Singaporeans, in particular, spend more than 3 hours daily on their smartphones, 2 hours on their laptops, an hour on their tablets, and just under another hour streaming movies on internet-enabled TVs.

Connectivity has even gone beyond gadgets. Thanks to the Internet of Things, even our homes are going online. Over half a billion people use voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home at least once a week. More people are adopting smart appliances, and have shown interest in self-driving cars that know your daily routine. The interest is pushing the smart home industry towards a $40 billion valuation by 2020.

We’re going to need a platform to tie the tech together, so we don’t end up with a fragmented mess of smart yet deaf devices. Voice tech has shown promise as the next big interface after the touchscreen. Half of our searches will be done by voice after 5 years.

Yet the rise of voice isn’t the death knell for screens some make it out to be. Screens aren’t going away any time soon. Rather, voice and screen are coming together for more intuitive tech.

Google is making a push for smart displays. Amazon has the Echo Show. More than half of Singapore’s population use Siri, Samsung’s S Voice, and Google Assistant when interacting with their smartphones. “We found that the majority of Singaporeans are very open to the prospect of voice - they want voice assistants that remember their preferences and anticipate their needs, a bit like a digital butler,” shares Ida Siaw of J. Walter Thompson in an interview with Forbes.

At Fred, we believe we have found a third alternative to smart displays: mirrors. Mirrors are already weaved into our daily routines. They’re in our homes and in our offices, and not a day goes by that we don’t interact with them. By upgrading one of living spaces’ oldest centerpieces, the jump to technology feels natural and intuitive. “We intend the Mirror to become the hub for all connectable and compatible devices to link up with. It’ll become the convergence of IoT-ready appliances,” predicts founder Jonathan Yuan.

Choosing your smart mirror

The smart home industry is fairly nascent, and most prospective owners still get overwhelmed by the myriad of options available. "The consumers today are incredibly confused as to what's the value that they're getting. A consumer could be spending upwards of $1,000 if they go to the retail market and they don't understand what the value is. Are they getting energy savings? Is it simply fun and they're not going to want to use it in a couple weeks' time?" says IHS Markit analyst Blake Kozak in an interview with CNBC.

Smart mirrors, like most in the ‘smart’ category, come with a considerable price tag. Potential owners need to know which features can meet their needs, to ensure they’re getting their money in value. While DIY is a popular option, most lack the technical skill to pull off such a project. Homemade smart mirrors may be cheaper, but often require a basic grasp of coding, which the average homeowner may not have.

At Fred, we offer two of the most functional smart mirrors on the market: Mirror and Allure. Our mirrors are built to reflect our approach to service. Both Mirror and Allure are designed with a seamless end-user experience in mind. All features revolve around anticipating the owner’s needs, ensuring that you get a powerful piece of smart tech, not just a glorified tablet.

Meet Mirror

Mirror is on the cutting-edge of smart mirror technology. With an aluminum finish, and sides gilted with a champagne gold finish, the mirror is made to blend into chic spaces. The Mirror is powered by one of the most powerful processors on the market, a quad core MediaTek chipset, notable for its ability to seamlessly run multiple tasks at once.

With the mirror, you can breathe easy...

Aesthetic is nothing without function. The unit also has a built in air purifier, an invaluable addition to homes in high-humidity climates such as Singapore.

...while looking sharp.

The Mirror will stay as clear as the day you bought it. Regular mirror stains because of the build up of calcium and magnesium ions in the water. Mirror, with its built in humidity and vapor controls, will never fog over no matter how hot your bath is. Water-tight engineering also means you don’t have to worry about getting the Mirror wet with the occasional splash of water.

Your Mirror is also a personal grooming and health assistant...

With built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity, Mirror is your one-stop update health hub. It can connect to FitBit, Kolibree’s interactive toothbrushes, and smart bathroom scales, among other health gadgets. Mirror gives you an integrated view of your health by pulling together all related data--from the status of your teeth, to your exercise levels--into one elegant interface, helping you stay on top of your health.

...that knows when to tuck itself away...

Motion detection sensors power down the Mirror when no one’s in the room, saving you costs in energy efficiency.

...and also be at your beck and call.

Wake up Mirror with voice controls, providing a hand-free, seamless experience as you bustle at home to prepare for the day, or sit down to a meeting in the office.

Meet Allure

Power in a smaller package

At 256 mm, Allure is compact and portable, perfect for people on the go, like stylists and make-up artists. But don’t let the smart mirror’s size fool you. The Allure is equipped with Rockchip’s RK3368 quad core processor, which powers mid-level smartphones and tablets, and other connected appliances like smart TVs.

Looking so great doesn’t need to cost a fortune

At half the price of the Mirror, the Allure is considerably cheaper, perfect for owners looking for entry-level smart appliances.

Yet for Allure’s lower-price tier, it doesn’t lack for features. Like the Mirror, the Allure has motion sensors that detect when a user is nearby, so you don’t waste power on idle time. The mirror also comes equipped with LumiereMax, Fred’s custom lighting solution, which rivals even high end salons.

The Allure keeps up with your lifestyle. The mirror’s front-facing camera is perfect for beauty apps like Sephora, which allows users to digitally mix and match looks before actually putting on product. All while streaming Spotify from built-in speakers, getting you pumped for the day.

In celebration of a year of providing the best in smart mirror technology, we’re giving away Mirrors through our Buy 1 Get One For Free Smart Mirror promo. We hope that through the give-away, we can come closer to creating the future, together.

Get Smart: Make Your Home A Smart Home

Get Smart: Make Your Home A Smart Home

Living in one of the world’s smartest cities all but requires you to live in a smart home. Singapore made recent headlines along with London and Barcelona as one of the world’s best smart cities, and is set to stay on top with recent million-dollar investments into artificial intelligence (AI) and smart technology.

As a proud homeowner in a city-state where virtual assistants are part and parcel of public housing, you can now become a proud citizen by making your dwelling worthy of taking its place in a smart nation. Let FRED help you out by giving you a closer look at the wide and wonderful world of the Internet of Things (IoT) which makes a smart home, possible.

Take control of your world.

One might say a smart home streamlines daily living by using AI and IoT connectivity to automate or simplify everyday routines. Control of every device, appliance or system that can be connected to the internet is centralised and given to you.

Alexa on the Amazon Echo is one such control platform, giving you immediate, voice-controlled access to your lights, temperature controls, TV and so on.

To help make sure the entire house stays connected, a smart WiFi system manages your connection and uses a smartphone app to make it easier for house guests to use without having to look for the password. WiFi pods help your connection to reach everyone room in the house.

There are also smart remotes that control not just the TV but everything else with WiFi, Bluetooth or Infrared connectivity. These remotes may also be used for other tasks such as getting weather updates or an Uber depending on where on you point them.

Get your own personal assistant.

Smart alarm clocks have evolved to adapt to sleepers who tend to hit “snooze” or throw their clocks across the room, by literally running away from you and forcing you to get up, get it and turn it off.

Smart bathroom scales do more than tell you how much you weigh—they can also give you helpful personal health information such as heart rate and body fat percentage. You can even use the scale to set goals and monitor your progress.

And when it’s time to go back to sleep, a smart mattress uses its “tech cover” to track your sleep patterns and adjust the bed temperature to suit you.

Protect all that is precious to you.

Smart locks give you control of who enters your smart home via your smartphone or laptop, from which you can let people in and out, or even see who’s at the door from an off-site location. Some smart locks may be used in tandem with smart cameras and keypads.

Wireless door and window sensors detect suspicious activity and alert you via text and email on your smartphone, from which you can also monitor goings-on in the area. These sensors also help you make sure all your doors at home are closed, even if you aren’t home.

Smart smoke alarms detect carbon monoxide as well as smoke, and may also be remote controlled from your smartphone.

Are you not entertained?

Smart, solar-powered media players which may be installed near a window are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-ready, allowing you to connect to wireless Wi-Fi speakers. These speakers can likewise be controlled via your smartphone to play music from your iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services.

On top of internet connectivity that lets you use apps, play games, and browse websites and social media, some of the latest smart TVs also come with voice and gesture control.

Help for the house-proud.

Smart technology also provides housekeeping solutions with connected appliances such as robotic vacuum cleaners which manoeuver around furniture and empties their dust receptacles automatically. 

There are also robotic mopping machines that can sweep as well as mop tiled, hardwood or stone floors using a special cleaning pad.

Smart refrigerators often feature touch screen monitors that are also accessible via your smartphone, presenting you with an inventory of perishable items and power consumption. Certain apps that work with a smart fridge like the Grocery App and Food Manager can also help you make your shopping lists.

Smart grill and oven monitors let you keep an eye on what’s roasting or baking with your smartphone or tablet from up to 45 metres. They’ll even let you know when the grill or oven hits the right temperature and track multiple food items that you’re cooking simultaneously.

Master your environment and conserve our planet’s resources.

Smart air purifiers come with built-in pollution sensors that analyse the quality of the air in your home. These purifiers may be controlled using a smartphone app which allows you to put it in a smart mode that adjusts fan speed according to air quality and ambient light.

Smart switches make sure you never have to worry about leaving something on or plugged after you’ve left home.

Solar-powered LED path or garden lights offer wireless convenience and switch on and off automatically at sundown and sunrise.

You can control your wireless LED lighting system with a smartphone app that allows you to turn your lights on or schedule them to switch off.

Where smart lighting systems enable to you to save electricity, smart faucets make it easier for you to save up to more than 68,000 litres a year.

Smart water and energy meters can help you save about 8,500 litres of water and 440 kWH a year. The water flow being measured generates the energy which powers the meters, making them a model of energy efficiency. The smart meters also display animated real-time information on water volume and temperature.

Smart power outlets also help you save energy with its built-in motion sensors, which signal the outlets to switch off automatically if no human movement has been detected within 20 feet for 30 minutes. Any devices plugged in that aren’t being used would likewise be automatically switched off.

A perfect reflection of the world you live in.

With many of the abilities of most of the smart technologies around the house, one might say Frednology’s smart Mirror is a microcosm of your smart home. Like Alexa, you can tell it what to do from anywhere in the room, and it connects seamlessly to a wide array of other devices. Mirror keeps you entertained with digital music and video, as well as up to date with online weather and daily news.

Mirror even comes with an advanced air purifying technology and humidity controls to keep it mist-free. And it comes with built-in energy-saving features such as automatic power-on and power-down triggered by human detection.

Frednology’s wall-bound Mirror and its desktop, smart makeup mirror, Allure are the ultimate additions to your smart home. Get your own Frednology smart mirrors via one of our easy-to-pay purchasing options and complete your smart home set up now.