Beauty on the Go: 15 Quick and Easy Beauty Tips

Beauty on the Go: 15 Quick and Easy Beauty Tips

As much as we’d like to, we just don’t have the time to. Whether you were working late last night or chilling with your crew after hours, the rush next morning barely lets you squeeze in time for getting dressed, let alone hair and makeup.

But it’s not like you can’t look your best with the time you do have, right? When you buy a smart mirror that lets you access these 15 hair and makeup hacks while you get yourself ready, it speeds up your styling process and has you looking fab in a flash.

  1. No time for extra beauty sleep? This is usually the case, we know. Try using whitening eyedrops to help you look less tired and more fresh.
  1. No time to shampoo? Suave Professionals’ Marcus Francis advises you to use your fingers to mix a drop of shampoo with a little water and work the mix through your bangs. Then rinse your fingers and work your fingers through your bangs again to rinse them, too. Finish up by finger-styling while blow-drying.
  1. No time to wash oily hair? Grab a bottle of dry shampoo and spray into the areas that need it most. Spread it out through your hair with your fingers and then brush out the excess after five minutes. No dry shampoo? Dab a little baby powder onto your roots, or, if there isn’t any, blot the oil with face blotting paper or even paper toilet covers.
  1. No time to thoroughly dry your hair? Soak up the excess water with a towel (or even a paper towel) and air-dry for about 10 minutes. Then go over your hair with a volumising spray and use a paddle brush.
  1. No time to curl your hair? Marcus suggests this quick mix of a drop of gel and about twice that much leave-in conditioner. Work the mix into damp hair and use a diffuser to blow dry for a few minutes. Once dry, a half- or quarter-inch curling iron used on just the outer layer and face-framing curls will do the trick.
  1. No time to put your hair up? Try this bun-derful trick before your big presentation: tie up your hair in a high ponytail and tease it to add volume. Then gather it up and gently twist it around the base of the ponytail to make a big bun. Use bobby pins to hold the ends in place, mist it over with some hairspray, and you’re done!
  1. No time for a fancy hairdo? Instead of going for your usual ponytail, you can get glam real quick by accessorising with stylish pins or headbands. Smoothening serum can help get hair with a mind of its own under control in less time.
  1. No time to touch up grey roots? Save time by pulling out one product instead of two: use your mascara not just on your lashes but on your roots, real quick. This can even help make your hair look fuller.
  1. No time to touch up the roots of your coloured hair? We know how hair colour can take some three to four hours in the salon, and how touch ups for roots can take some time as well. A quick fix for this would be to simply change how you part your hair to make your roots less obvious, or to brush in some coloured dry shampoo.
  1. No time to wash your face before makeup? Use a facial wipe, which dermatologists say works almost as well, particularly those that come with ingredients such as apple or lemon peel.
  1. No time for full-on eye makeup? Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog says you can use neutral eye shadow on your upper eyelid, then eyeliner pencil for your lash line for a more natural look.
  1. No time for full-face makeup? Go for products that work all over your face instead of those that focus on just one feature, such as liquid blush that looks great on your cheeks and your lips, or tinted moisturiser that covers as well as moisturises. Beauty balm cream is another all-in-one favourite to moisturise, correct and protect. Your safest bet, however, is to use natural makeups such as cream blushes and lipstick, which are easy to blend, even with your fingers.
  1. No time for perking up dry lips? Use a product containing glycerin, hyaluronic acid, lanolin or squalene. If you have a little extra time (in the car, perhaps), add a second layer of a product with beeswax to seal the moisture in. And whatever you do, don’t pick at your dry lips or keep licking them, because that would only make your lips even dryer.
  1. No time for full-on lipstick? With liners and layers and all that? Go for the newer matte lipsticks, which don’t dry your lips the way older matte lipsticks used to. The latest matte lipsticks, which come with ingredients like acai oil, mango butter and vitamin E, last longer, too.
  1. No time to fill out your lips? Just a small spot of lipgloss added on top of your usual lipstick can make all the difference. To plump up your lower lip (if it happens to be thinner than your upper lip), put a spot of clear gloss in the middle of your lower lip.

If you often find yourself rushing through your beauty routine, not just in the morning, but throughout your busy day, here are a few extra, overall tips to help save time.

  • Organise your makeup and other beauty products, so you won’t have to spend time looking for them when you need them. Be sure to get rid of empty containers or (more importantly) old products.
  • Wear a simple, low-maintenance hairstyle. For those of us with longer hair who like to shower in the evenings, try twisting your hair into a loose bun, and then shake it out the next morning—this will create soft waves that would ordinarily take hours to achieve.
  • Have your eyebrows professionally shaped, so that you always look groomed and on-point even without a whole lot of makeup on.
  • Use a smart beauty mirror to save time you would’ve spent on trying out or adjusting colours, or looking for online makeup tutorials. The Allure smart mirror by Frednology lets you see colours accurately in natural light, and even lets you see what your lipstick will look like before you even put it on. Wi-fi and multimedia-ready, Allure also allows you to follow walk-through videos “side-by-side” to help you get your look exactly right with less trial and error.

Allure understands on-the-go girls like you. Pick up your own Allure, today.