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Home is Where Your Tech Is: Living in a Tech-Driven Home

Home is Where Your Tech Is: Living in a Tech-Driven Home

“Honey, I’m home,” you call out, cheerily, as you step across the threshold. That’s how these things usually start; so now, who answers? Is it,
  1. The love of your life? (Nope, still out.)
  2. Your dog? (Sure, why not. Or your cat, if you’re the type.)
  3. Your home’s A.I. “Welcome back. Your Kir is waiting for you in the den.”
Whether alone or in combination with the first two, option “c” is more common today than it was about a decade or two ago. “Smart” homes—stylish ones, at that—just make more sense with the Internet of Things on the rise. Join FRED on a tour of a typical smart living space and see if anything seems familiar; chances are, you’re living in one, already.

Home and Garden

First, let’s talk about energy. Even if your home isn’t 100 per cent solar (yet), a good deal of its power requirements are met by the panels on your roof. Apart from welcoming you with an aperitif, your home’s A.I. also regulates your entire household’s power usage to maximise energy efficiency. Though every room in the house is wired from sanctum to basement, you can be sure you’re not using a kilowatt more than you have to. The A.I. turns the light off for you when you leave the room, and adjusts the thermostat to suit you in all seasons. The garage door opens and shuts for you, too, thanks to your integrated smart garage system. Even if you had a late dinner or the coloratura gave one too many encores that night, you can open it yourself from your smartphone or tablet. Heading out into the garden from the garage, you’ll find that even nature has a place for tech to flourish. Smart watering systems help you to save water as well as energy, and plant sensors measure things like soil moisture and temperature levels. (You can’t help it; Gran loved those flowers, so.) You watch idly as the automower crosses the lawn and notice that Bordeaux was used in your Kir instead of an Aligote. “Oh, that’s right,” you remember. Your phone went off in the middle of your 3:30 to tell you that you were running low in the white wine department.

Dinner and A Show

Which brings us to the kitchen—and since most everybody’s got a smart fridge these days, we walk right past it to the smart pantry. Sometimes, fixing your own fixin’s is a nice way to unwind after a long day. Not only does the pantry pretty much write your supermarket shopping list for you, its motorised shelves all but hand you the Manchego. A quick look around reveals technology as the ultimate kitchen assistant (which is good, because even though you enjoy the occasional DIY dish, you’re no Gordon Ramsay). You’ve got a smart scale to measure ingredients, a smart chopping board, a smart timer, and even a smart pan to make sure the heat is just right. “Boy, does that smell good,” you say, patting yourself on the back. Since you’re on a roll, you might as well do dessert. Good thing you’ve also got a smart oven that comes complete with apps. You wonder if your LOL (that’s “Love Of your Life”) would appreciate your latest culinary attempts, and head on over to the dining room to have the table set for two. “Now that looks simply scrumptious,” says LOL. “A spread like that should be enjoyed by candlelight.” You chuckle to yourself as you reach for the remote dimmer light switches, whose sleek, streamlined casings seemed to say candles had no place in a smart home. “What’s a candlelit dinner without violins?” you ask, as the wireless speaker system fills the dining room with a rondo for violin and orchestra. “Isn’t Mozart a little too… perky? For dinner, I mean,” smiles your significant other. “Well, it is movie night,” you say, nodding in the general direction of the living room. Having asked your home entertainment hub for what’s on, Itzhak Perlman is soon replaced by Gene Kelly. A wave of your hand at the gesture remote plays your favourite MGM musical, and you smile again at the irony of watching a film from the 1950’s via a streaming stick. The colour-changing smart bulbs synced with your entertainment system completes your movie experience. Curled up on a settee with an excellent (if you may say so) supper inside you, it isn’t long after the finale that you find yourself yawning. Remembering the killer day you have lined up for tomorrow, you decide to head upstairs.

Bed and Bath

Waiting for you in your bedroom is Google Home, ready for the precise moment to wake you up (and wake you up again) with that song whose title you can never seem to remember. You have your app-controlled cooler (or heater) on, and find your wireless, noise-cancelling Bluetooth earphones on your wireless charging bedside table. “I don’t really snore, do I?” asks your one, true love. “Of course not,” you say, shaking your head as you think of how LOL’s snores remind you of nothing so much as a rhino with sinusitis. “Don’t take too long in there,” says your lover with a wink, as you head for the bathroom. Sensors alerting it to your presence, your Frednology Mirror greets you as you enter. A soothing hot shower is just the thing after a long day, but you know Mirror’s humidity control system can handle the steam. You play your usual “showering soundtrack” with a tap or two on the smart mirror’s flawless surface, and find yourself humming along to Wilson Pickett as you wash away the worries of the day. “I’ve got an appointment at 10,” you remind yourself, as a few more taps on the Mirror let you review your online planner. “Are the cream puffs keeping you in there?” asks your love with a laugh, referring to the dessert you’d made earlier. “No,” you say, reflexively activating Mirror’s air purifier. “But maybe I’d better cut down on the cream puffs just the same,” you add, remembering the stats Mirror showed you from your fitness tracker as you get into bed. “No worries,” whispers your love. “Tomorrow, dinner and dessert will be on me.” Find the ultimate Mirror for your smart home. Own a Frednology Mirror, today.