Life in the Fast Lane: Can Your Tech Keep Up?

Life in the Fast Lane: Can Your Tech Keep Up?

“Good morning, world,” thought the busy chief exec, as the glow of the smart alarm clock’s sunrise simulator was followed soon after by a tune on his “Wake Me Up Before I Go, Go” playlist on Spotify. It’s the start of another working day, and after a brief, but focused period of meditation, he begins his daily mental run-down of the day’s agenda.

“Got a meeting at 10,” says he to himself, as his Frednology Mirror detects his entry into the bathroom. Smiling at the smart Mirror’s “Welcome”, he taps its flawless surface to select his morning soundtrack with one hand, and reaches for his toothbrush with the other. By the time he’s brushed, shaven and styled, Mirror’s given him the day’s appointments, headlines, stock prices, and the weather.

“Looks like another sunny day,” he quips, picking out a pair of shades to put in his breast pocket. As though it were saying, “I’ll be right here when you get back, Sir,” the smart Mirror obligingly settles back into standby mode as our exec heads off to work.

All Systems, Go!

“Yup, I’m on my way,” he says, speaking to his executive assistant on his smart phone on the way to his internet-connected car. Nice of them to move the meeting up to 9:30. The Beamer’s automotive navigation system soon has the quickest possible route to the office mapped out, and its built-in infotainment system has him bobbing his head to his favourite driving ditties.

“Great work, everyone” our exec enthused, putting down his tablet to shake hands with the team at the conference table. “As soon as the plans are finalised, let’s get this underway as soon as possible.” The latest development project looked most promising, especially with all the tech they were planning to put into the rooms.

“That’ll give the competition something to worry about,” he reflected, smirking inwardly. “Once they get a load of the fantastic user experience we give our guests with the smart devices we have in every unit.” His eyes fell back upon his tablet, and the emails he’d picked out to reply to during a lull in the morning’s meeting. “Got just enough time before lunch.”

“Where does the time go?” asked our exec, glancing at his smart watch, whose sleek black face, gold trim and “gentle reminders” reminded him of his Frednology Mirror back home. He’s meeting someone for lunch, of course, and of course it was going to be for business instead of pleasure. Fortunately, it was a rather good-looking someone.

“Perhaps this power lunch was going to be for pleasure, after all,” he said to himself, settling down in his chair and signalling to the maitre d’. But what perhaps was the most pleasant surprise of all was that while she didn’t have slides for him to look at or a spiel to listen to, she did have a genuinely sound business proposition.

“An attractive offer, made by an attractive potential partner,” thinks our Mr. Executive. “Looks like we’re going to need more of those smart devices very soon.” All too soon, he found himself raising a hand in token of farewell as his new business acquaintance walked out of the restaurant. Taking out the business card she’d given him, he is struck momentarily by how, in his fast-paced, digitally driven world, the centuries-old tradition of giving out name cards still had its place in business relationships.

Powering Through the Day

“I look forward to discussing the details with you very soon,” said the chief exec as he typed, putting the finishing touches to the email he was sending to the prospect he’d just met. “Your 2 o’clock is online,” says his executive assistant, referring to the video conference which was next on his agenda. The discussion was heated and the energy was palpable, even over a webcam, to the point that our Mr. Executive half expected everyone to come right out of his monitor.

“The adventure continues,” he joked—no sooner had the online meeting concluded than a notification popped up in a corner of his laptop screen to remind him of his next meeting. By the time six o’clock rolled round, our exec had met, mailed, managed and mandated a staggering number of people and projects.

“I’d say I’ve earned some time out,” says he to himself, trading his smart watch for a dedicated fitness tracker, his bespoke suit for a track suit, and his Oxfords for his trainers. Having spent close to an hour at a nearby gym, our busy chief exec was back behind the wheel and homeward-bound—his end-of-day music selection noticeably more soothing and laid-back than his morning soundtrack.

“Her name was… wasn’t it?” While he was a master of “tuning out” after a long day, he found his thoughts straying back to the interesting business acquaintance he’d made over lunch—and the more interesting proposal she’d made. Of course, it was the proposal he found attractive: after all, the prospect of developing a high-end, serviced apartment complex with designer interiors and smart devices installed into every unit was very exciting, indeed.

“Maybe I’ll look her up on Facebook,” he mused, as he found himself thinking about it again even as he lounged in front of his smart TV, switching back and forth between his YouTube and Netflix favourites. But maybe some other time—he had another early day ahead, after all, with a schedule jam-packed with appointments, assessments and approvals waiting to be made.

“All set for tomorrow,” said our chief exec, looking into his smart Mirror and thoughtfully wiping a few stray drops off its waterproof surface after putting his toothbrush back in its place. Having just come out of a relaxing, warm shower, it occurred to him that water was just about the only thing he’s ever had to wipe off of it. Remembering Mirror’s anti-mist feature, he asked, Is there anything you can’t do? Catching sight of his reflection, he smiled, and went to bed.

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