Secret #1 - A Step-by-Step Guide to The 4-2-4 Method

So we talked about how what the 4-2-4 method is and why the 4-2-4 is highly effective.

Now, we will like to teach you how to actually do this.

Here’s the steps that makeup artists share:

  1. Take an oil cleanser and massage it in for 4 minutes. You can use any cleansing oil for this step. But whatever cleansing oil you decide to use, don’t forget to do it for 4 minutes. And don’t rinse it off afterwards!
  1. Apply cream cleanse on top of the oil cleanser. This helps to soothe and hydrate parched skin types. Make sure to massage straight on top of the oil for 2 minutes. 
  1. Spend 2 minutes rinsing your skin with warm water to help remove both cleansers and all the impurities in your skin. Spend the last 2 minutes splashing your face with cold water. This encourages circulation and energizes the complexion.
  1. Finish up with your regular serum, eye cream and moisturizer steps.

 And voila! You will have that glowing skin that every girl deserves. 

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