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Secret #3 - How to Incorporate Serum, Emulsion, and Essence into Your Skin Care Routine

Now that you know all about the differences between serums, emulsions, and essences, you’re free to add them into your skin care routine.

But a common challenge would be to choose between serum, emulsion and essence.

Our answer?

You don’t have to play favourites, you can use them all – so long as you know when to apply each

Here’s how you can do this…

Of the three, essences should be applied first, as they’re the thinnest. But only do this after applying using a toner or cleanser.

Then, it’s time to use your serum, which also means that an emulsion would come last in your routine. Just be sure to give a product a minute or two to sink in before layering.

Sounds complicated? Actually, it isn’t. Here’s our key principle – it’s almost always correct to start with the thinnest formula and working your way up.

 In our next article, we will cover a couple of serums, emulsions and essence that we think would work wonders for your skin.

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Secret #3 - The Differences Between Serums, Emulsions & Essences

Ever wondered what’s the difference between serums, emulsions and essence?

Anint they all the same?

Actually not.


They are the step after cleansing, but before moisturizing. Think of a serum as a sheer film that helps to cover your face while the concentrated formula works to target your skin. 


Lighter than a cream or lotion and thicker—and less concentrated—than a serum, an emulsion is like a watered-down, lightweight facial lotion.

Emulsions are often the perfect product for those with oily or combination skin, as their formulas can hydrate and moisturize the complexion and allow the skin to breathe at the same time. However, emulsions aren’t reserved for only certain skin types. If your skin needs more moisture, an emulsion can work for you too. In fact, emulsions are perfect for adding an extra layer of hydration to your routine—just remember to use a face cream on top. 


Essence is considered to be the heart of the Korean skincare rountine and is meant to be used after skin has been prepped through cleansing and using a hydrating facial toner. 

It used to be that essence was the lighter, less concentrated version of serum but, the roles have since reversed. Just like serums are changing and becoming lighter and more watery in texture, essences are changing and being made into creamy or gel-like formulas. 

Wasn’t that hard isn’t it?

Time to incorporate some serums, emulsions and essence into your routine?

Secret #3 - The Magic of Serums, Emulsions & Essence for Baby Like Skin

Have you tried secret 3?

Or did you totally forget about this basic tip to have that smooth baby skin?

Secret #3 involves making use of serums, emulsions, and essence periodically ie once a week.

That’s Secret #3.

In our next email, we will address what is the key difference between serums, emulsions, and essence and really go deep into these.

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